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On February 13, 2012 CDB ENGINEERING obtained Certification of its Health, Safety and Environment Management System, according to ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 by DNV.

Certification ISO 14001:2004 Certification OHSAS 18001:2007

Environmental, health, working safety policy management


CDB Engineering S.p.A. has set production and precast piping, boiler-works, fluid and gas filters manufacture since the beginning with the intention of fully respecting and fulfilling customer?s expectations. Customer requests, especially as far as materials quality, safety, environment respect, do not have only to be satisfied, but also supported by a corporate management granting full comprehension and constant respect.


CDB Engineering S.p.A. pursues best conditions possible of Working Safety and Health (S&SL) and operates respecting those requirements of environmental care that constitute an important part of civil living, with reference to prevention and continual improvement principles.


Thus CDB Engineering S.p.A. means to:

- scrupulously respect, in substance and principles all applicable laws and regulations of S&SL, as well as commitments freely adopted in the field of corporate associations in the present and in the future;

- reinforce a programme to continual improvement oriented, towards actions involving a pluralism of actors in order to determine health improvement of working population trough injuries and working diseases reduction;

- in reference to chemical substances necessaries for plant maintenance, choose, any time as possible, less dangerous ones for people and environment, checking scrupulously their use, and managing them in order to prevent both workers exposition and discharges and leaking dangerous for

- restrain and/or knock down noise produced by its own plants, limiting at maximum workers exposition and noises emission in the external environment;

- make an effort to keep down waste production, in particular dangerous one, starting by the source in every manufacture step. Promote waste management following a scale of priorities favouring , if possible, reusing, recycling and recuperating raw materials as well as combustion producing energy ;

- avoid unnecessary waste and consumption of energy, natural resources, included water;

- choose, as much as possible packing materials following environmental criteria

- evaluate in advance new processes, technologies, activities and services aiming to identify proper aspects and effects of S&SL and environment; ensuring control to improve environmental performances

- ensure management involvement in environmental policy and purposes and of corporate S&SL;

- ensure that human resources are aware of environmental policy of S&SL of CDB Engineering S.p.A. , and involved in achievement, instructed and trained to adopt behaviours proper for this policy;

- observe and evaluate in a proper manner environmental and S&SL efficiency and implement constant improvement;

- ensure correct environmental behaviours by suppliers and co-operating companies, according to praxis and environmental procedures of the organisation;

- introduce evaluation of aspects concerning S&SL and environment in decisional process, in case new materials are chosen or processes are amended, also for building or plant projects. This to prevent negative impacts on whole environmental processes of CDB Engineering S.p.A. and improving where possible.

- instruct customers to adequate and environmental responsible use of CDB Engineering S.p.A. products ;

- adopt best techniques and procedures about prevention and emergencies control;

- introduce proper checking and audits methods regarding environmental and S&SL management;

- subject to periodical review both policy and application of Environment and S&SL to evaluate propriety and efficacy in continual improvement.

- create an Integrated Management System for S&SL conforming to best rules available;

- pursue an open and positive attitude towards public, users and Public Authorities and other parts involved.


This policy has to be communicated to all persons working for CDB Engineering S.p.A. or on its behalf. It is available to public and to anyone may request.


CDB Engineering S.p.A will take care of distribution and availability of policy after management system certification.


The company plans to distribute a printed copy, together with a short presentation letter, to personnel of CDB Engineering S.p.A., to personnel of cleaning enterprises, plant maintenance, buildings maintenance and waste disposal; and to affix it on bulletin boards.


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