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The Thermodynamic steam trap is popular with many buyers in the industry.

Its ingenious operating principle is based on the physical Law of Bernouilli, which states that, in a moving medium, the total pressure is equal in all points. This pressure consists of static pressure and dynamic pressure and the increase of one of the components results in a decrease of the other (also called "hydrodynamic paradox"). This phenomenon can best be explained by means of a children's game, needing a cotton reel, a paper disc, and a pin.

Surprisingly it proves to be impossible to remove the disc by means of blowing into the reel. On the contrary, the harder one blows, the more the disc will move towards the reel. The cause is the greatly increased radial flow velocity (and resulting static pressure drop) in the space between disc and reel.

Thermodynamic steam traps LTD52
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Limiting Conditions
RatingANSI 600
PMA42 bar
Max operating back pressure80%
3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4"
ScrewedASME B1.20.1 (NPT) BS21 (BSP)
Socket weldASME B16.11 (SW)

Main Features:

Discharges air and non condensable gases

Integral seat with hardened seating surfaces

Operates with superheated steam

Simple and compact design

Intermittent discharge

Ordering Information:

Inlet pressure

Back pressure

Operating temperature

Condensate load

End connections

Thermodynamic steam traps LTD52

Cold water capacities are 2 to 4 times greater

Safety factor 1,2 - 1,5

1BodyA743 CA40 (equiv. AISI 420)ASTM A105 
2CoverA743 CA40 (equiv. AISI 420)ASTM A105 
3DiscAISI 410AISI 410X
Thermodynamic steam traps LTD52
Size (inches)H1H2SW / NPTRF (150#)RF (300#)RF (600#)

3/8" - 1/2"




Dimensions: L, H1, H2, C are in millimeters (mm)



The trap will operate in any position, but the preferred installation is in the horizontal plane with the cap on the top.

Isolating valve should be installed upstream and downstream of the trap for safe maintenance.

Always open isolation valve slowly until normal operating conditions are achieved to avoid system shocks.


The trap can be maintained without disturbing the piping connections. Ensure that trap is isolated upstream and downstream before attempting to dismantle it. Allow the trap to cool before dismantling.

Periodic cleaning of the disc and seat will facilitate trouble free performance. Only the disc and seat are subject to wear.

A worn disc can be replaced and slight seat can be corrected by resurfacing an a lap plate.




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